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About Us

Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to the society, the customer, the employee and their family through surprising, moving and smile-motivating business.

Our Motto

Surprise 驚き 常に期待以上の商品やサービスで驚きを!|Moving 感動 常に期待以上の付加価値の創造で感動を!!|Smile 笑顔笑顔でみんなを幸せに!!!

We endeavor to offer our stakeholders surprising, moving and smile-motivating products and services.
We always value our employees as the source of business so as to make a chain of smile within our stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

Basic Policy in the Company

We make every effort to satisfy our employees and their family mentally and physically.

Basic Policy to the Society

We pursuit to produce products, services, employment and public benefit which make our stakeholders smile.


100 Year Vision


FunrideTo be a company that provides surprise, excitement and smiles to people around the world through automobile products, we add the value of safety, confort, convenience and delight to the vehicle through all our knowledge, technology and ideas so as to give guidance to funride.

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Our Activities

  • Our brands

    We develop genuine car accessories which can fulfill customer preferences.

  • CSR活動

    CSR activities

    We contribute to the sustainable development of society through our business activities. (Japanese page)